Building Automation Services

When working properly, a building automation system (BAS) can help you manage, maintain and operate your systems with more efficiency. Let Royal Services help your business save energy and costs with a well-maintained BAS system.

Cutting costs through building automation systems.

In order to operate at peak efficiency, your building relies on a system of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. However, keeping those systems in sync can be a challenge. From heating and cooling, to lighting and occupancy, you are required to keep up with multiple demands, goals and needs at any given time. What’s more, failure of one system to operate one of those systems properly can result in the failure of another, which can have a direct impact on your company’s overall efficiency, energy output and budget. However, with building automation (BAS) you can manage, maintain and operate all your systems quickly and cost-efficiently from a single, simplified system.   

Royal Services offers building automation solutions for a wide variety of IT, operations, corporate and real estate organizations across the country. By grouping individual HVAC, lighting and occupancy controls into a single, simplified system, you can manage your business faster and more simply, allowing you to continue running your business smoothly.

Building automation services (BAS):

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“Royal Services makes it all work for you. And we make it easy.”

Tim Shyver
Director – Facilities Maintenance and Construction Services

The power of a single point-of-service. 

Building Automation Services help drive efficiencies in your infrastructure and operating costs. And with Royal Services’ RAZOR interactive facility management software, that automatic efficiency gets even better.

With RAZOR, Royal Services helps you manage your BAS and other maintenance tasks with increased speed and efficiency. By funneling your data into a single, simplified online tool, you can directly access your previous repairs, project requests and overall expenditure. Ultimately, this helps reveal potential issues ahead of time and plan for success in the future.

What’s best, RAZOR puts control of your maintenance projects back in your hands. With full access to budget specifications, open service calls, assets, expenditures and historical data, you can rest assured you’ll receive the results you want to enhance business performance. 

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