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From Cisco® and Apple® to Fujitsu® and HP®, your unique PC equipment calls for unique, specialized service. Royal Services helps you acquire, implement and maintain your PC equipment so your on-site teams can stay online and productive.

Expert PC solutions for enhanced productivity.

Personal computers, or PCs, keep your business connected and efficient. Whether you’re tracking expenses in a spreadsheet, sending emails, printing documents or calculating sales, your computers play a pivotal role in maintaining operations at the point-of-sale and behind the scenes. So when computers go down or or you need computer network services to function properly, you face costly downtime and delays. 

Royal Services helps businesses of all sizes acquire, install and maintain personal computers and accompanying equipment. However, we understand that the business computer repair field is a diverse one. That’s why we work hard to offer your business specialized plans for purchase and implementation, so you know you get the exact technology hardware you need. And with more than two decades of experience in the PC acquisition, computer network installation and business computer maintenance business, we know when – and where – to diagnose problems, perform repairs and find the right system for your store’s unique needs. 

PC equipment solutions:

  • Fujitsu®, IBM®, Dell®, Etc.
  • Cisco®, Aruba®, Apple®, HP®
  • Surveys, Installation, Break/Fix

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Our interactive software, RAZOR, keeps record of the services provided and the details of every service call that comes in. By having a view of all calls, repeated issues are identified and corrected proactively, rather than just fixing things when they break. With RAZOR, you can compare call counts, amounts spent, and averages, all compared year over year. Data oversight has never been better in facilities management.

Nate Shyver
Director – IT and Finance

Personalized PC service from a single point of contact.

When it comes to operating an efficient PC equipment system, you require a reliable partner committed to your company’s success. That’s why we’ve developed our RAZOR interactive facility management software, an online tool for tracking, scheduling and recording the success of your PC acquisition/installation and other networking maintenance requests. Every transaction, every installation and every service is available to you in a database 24/7. This added oversight allows you to see the full scope of your assets, expenditures and historical data, giving the insights needed to stay on task and on budget. 

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