Telecommunications Equipment Maintenance

Whether you’re leasing or purchasing telephone equipment, Royal Services can help you source, install and maintain operations at multiple sites across the country.

Committed to your communication. 

Telephone equipment plays a crucial role in your business. Whether your team is taking incoming calls from customers, on a conference call with sites across the country, or reporting back to corporate headquarters, your telephone system needs to work for business to run smoothly. Regardless of the task at hand, properly functioning telephone equipment can help you improve internal and external communication, maintain relationships, save time and resources, and ultimately help advance your business.

At Royal Services, our telecommunications equipment maintenance services are designed to keep you fully connected at all times. We help you source, install and manage leased or purchased telephone equipment with speed, efficiency and accuracy. 

Telecommunications equipment maintenance services:

  • VolP, PBX, Key Systems
  • Surveys, Installations, Break/Fix

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When you manage the telecommunications needs at multiple locations across the country, you need to make sure your phone systems operate in sync at all times. However, when you’re also tasked with a number of other facilities and network maintenance repairs and requests, it can be a challenge to keep up. 

The RAZOR interactive facility management software, an easy-to-use database available 24/7/365, allows you to keep it all straight by giving as much – or as little – visibility as you want into the service needs of all of your sites at any one time. By giving you full access to every facet of your telecommunications installation and repair projects, you can see exactly where your dollars are going—every time. And when you have complete oversight, you can make smarter decisions about resource, money and time allocations in the future.