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Audio and visual systems do more than just create a welcoming, engaging environment for your customers—they can greatly contribute to your brand image. Royal Services provides high-tech, crystal-clear commercial audio and video services nationwide.

Helping you maintain a remarkable customer experience.

At your business, you rely on your audio and visual equipment to reflect what your brand represents at its core. Whether it’s the kind of music you choose to play on an audio system, the products you pick to highlight with video displays or other kinds of multimedia equipment, these products create an interactive and engaging experience for your customers. However, that’s not to say audio and visual equipment doesn’t come without its challenges. If your media systems contain glitches, malfunctions, are damaged from an unforeseen event or, even worse, were improperly installed in the first place, your brand can be impacted and your on-site staff can waste a tremendous amount of time, resources and frustration trying to fix them. 

At Royal Services, we don’t just provide the tools, support and resources for an effective audio/visual equipment system—we offer the comprehensive, customized service for making the most of your media infrastructure. Starting with a 100% accurate installation, scheduled maintenance and service available to you whenever you need it, we work hard to ensure your multimedia equipment is running properly and your customer experience remains remarkable. 

Audio and visual equipment services:

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“RAZOR makes it easy for you to know what is going on at your facilities by giving you real-time visibility and transparency from anywhere you have online access.”

Nate Shyver
Director – IT and Finance
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Comprehensive, nationwide multimedia services.

As a part of our continued commitment to your company’s audio and visual equipment, including your overall customer experience, we offer simple, easy-to-use asset management and tracking services to help you make smarter equipment maintenance and repair decisions. Our exclusive RAZOR interactive facility management software tracks equipment assets, service calls and warranty information, and gives you clear visibility into what you’re spending.