Door Repair Services

Doors don’t just play a critical role in your store’s security—they play a role in the overall customer experience, too. No matter what size or model you need, let Royal Services provide you with the right door repair services for your business.

The right repair service, the right model—every time. 

When a door at your site isn’t working, it shows. A broken door hinge or stuck handle prevents customers from moving freely in and out of your store. And if your door is damaged or vandalized, you can potentially deflect customers – and potential business – from entering your site at all. Most importantly, an improperly working door, especially after hours, can directly affect the safety and security of your most valuable assets, possessions and people.  

Luckily, your dedicated team at Royal Services helps you effectively manage commercial door repair and maintenance. Whether you need one or any number of your doors fixed or replaced, Royal Services has got you covered. And what’s more, we’ll help you find the right size, model and shape to correctly fit your doorframe. Your onsite staff can continue to focus on enhancing customer experience, while we work behind the scenes. 

Our facility maintenance solutions are backed by nearly three decades of experience and industry know-how, helping to ensure your critical entry points and emergency exit points are fully functioning and 100% reliable. 

Door repair and maintenance services:

  • Door Repair
  • Door Replacement
  • Gate opener repair

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“RAZOR makes it easy for you to know what is going on at your facilities by giving you real-time visibility and transparency from anywhere you have online access.”

Nate Shyver
Director – IT and Finance / Creator of RAZOR CMMS


It’s no secret that facilities maintenance issues needing repair can happen during or after hours. And when it comes to protecting the overall stability and safety of your site, tackling door repairs quickly and efficiently becomes important. What’s more, when you are required to manage door, gate operator repair, or other facilities maintenance repairs at a number of locations across the country, you can waste valuable time, expenses and resources working out the tiny, but important, details.

With our RAZOR interactive facility management software, you can better manage your facilities maintenance requests, repairs, history and expenditures with enhanced efficiency and oversight. No matter what time of day or night, you can view your record of services, repeated issues and potential avenues for addressing problems proactively instead of waiting for costly and time-consuming emergencies to strike.

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