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From HVAC to signage to lighting systems and your POS systems, electricity powers your company’s efficiency and overall customer experience. Royal Services offers commercial electrical repair services and surveys, so you can continue to make your own business brighter.

Electrical Installation Services

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From signage that helps to attract your customers to the lights in front of your store to brightened product displays, electricity plays a crucial role in your company’s overall customer experience. However, when your commercial electrical contractors fail to operate properly, you risk a loss of business and create distractions for on-site staff that takes them away from customers. 

At Royal Services, we specialize in commercial electrical repair services through accurate reporting, complete transparency and full reliability in our results. From the evaluation of your current electrical systems and conditions to upgrades and code compliance, we help you tackle your company’s electrical systems with a holistic approach. By diligently planning, tracking and ensuring the quality completion of your commercial electrical service needs, your locations can be powered to keep your brand, business and customer satisfaction consistent. 

For over 20 years, our experienced team of professionals has worked hard to keep a diverse variety of retail and other multi-location business operations charged with strategic planning, reliable service delivery and complete solutions. Whether we’re installing under-carpet power wiring to give you long-term flexibility in how you configure your stores, upgrading your emergency lighting systems for increased safety or conducting a hands-on site survey at a new location, we’re focused on keeping your business moving forward. 

Commercial electrical services:

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Our interactive software, RAZOR, keeps record of the services provided and the details of every service call that comes in. By having a view of all calls, repeated issues are identified and corrected proactively, rather than just fixing things when they break. With RAZOR, you can compare call counts, amounts spent, and averages, all compared year over year. Data oversight has never been better in facilities management.

Nate Shyver
Director of IT and Finance, Creator of RAZOR 


Managing maintenance of electrical fixtures and lighting systems at a number of locations is a time-consuming process. Between scheduling repairs, overseeing your expenditures and ensuring your customers’ overall experience stays consistent, you can spend a significant amount of time juggling general repairs instead of focusing on what matters most: your business. That’s why we’ve developed RAZOR interactive facility management software— an all-inclusive, easy-to-use database containing your facility’s record of services, repeated issues and potential avenues for proactively correcting problems instead of waiting for emergencies to strike. And with management capabilities open to you day or night, you can oversee your project with complete transparency and trust, 24/7/365

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