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Don’t let installation of your telephony, WAN/LAN, sound/digital signage, POS, BAS, and security systems turn into a tangled mess. Allow Royal Services to install and maintain your communications systems professionally and accurately so they operate with clarity.

Specialized communication solutions

Close-Up of technician checking cables in a rack mounted server.jpegWhen you’re operating a multi-site organization, you’re often faced with a tangled mess of complex communications system needs. More often than not, phone lines, Internet connections, A/V equipment, POS and even security/fire alarm systems are integrated together, making the failure of one system detrimental to another. What's more, you need to continuously account for new technologies and shifting customer expectations, making your company’s ability to adapt to those expectations extra important.

Modern communication technology illustration with mobile phone and high tech background.jpegAt Royal Services, we work hard to ensure your existing – and emerging – systems are proficient. By providing the right on-site training and hands-on service, we can better tailor a solution to a site’s unique needs. Whether it’s a new POS system, a high-speed Internet connection or cabling that ties all of your communications systems together, our team is dedicated to keeping you connected.



Network communications services:

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Hallmark Retail has partnered with Royal Services for close to 20 years. A relationship that started with Royal providing HVAC preventative maintenance to the network of corporate owned Hallmark Gold Crown stores, to a full-service provider that covers every aspect of our facility maintenance needs, low voltage installations, and minor construction projects. Hallmark, my team, and I know we can rely on Royal Services as a vendor who will meet and exceed the standards and expectations set forth and that they are a company that has established a record of trust, loyalty, and efficiency.

Scott Hess – Hallmark Portfolio and Development Manager, North America



Image of businesspeople at presentation looking at virtual project.jpegWhen it comes to managing a streamlined network communications infrastructure, you need an experienced and committed team to help you oversee every last connection. But more importantly, to really see the results you want, you need complete oversight, control and transparency into your installation services and repairs. With our RAZOR interactive facility management software, you can quickly and efficiently schedule repairs, oversee your expenditures and view your maintenance history—all from a single, easy-to-use online database. RAZOR is designed for your complete control and project success. And with online access available to you anytime, anywhere, you can trust that your project is completed with complete transparency and visibility to the finish.