Lock Repair Services

Faulty locks don’t just endanger your company’s assets – they can cut into your business profits, too. Let Royal Services provide your business with added safety and security with timely, scheduled lock repair services.

Commercial lock repair 

Locks play a crucial role in the safety and security of your business, but they do more than just keep valuable merchandise and your facility secure. When a commercial lock on your property fails to operate properly, it can directly cut into operations time and potential business. If an employee can’t lock up at the end of the day, or they’ve locked themselves out, you are faced with wasted time waiting for a manager or a locksmith to help out. And what’s worse, if a lock isn’t working (and an employee leaves anyway), they can potentially put your site’s most valuable assets in considerable risk. 

At Royal Services, we help you secure your assets and resources with scheduled responsive commercial lock repair and services. By proactively staying ahead of potential problems and working hard to ensure your locks work every time, without exception, you can rest assured your business assets and possessions are safe and secure.

Repair and installation services of commercial locks:

  • Exit Device Installation & Repairs
  • Lock Cylinder Rekey & Replacement
  • Locking Mechanism Repair & Replace
  • Safe Repairs & Installations

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Hallmark Retail has partnered with Royal Services for close to 20 years. A relationship that started with Royal providing HVAC preventative maintenance to the network of corporate owned Hallmark Gold Crown stores, to a full-service provider that covers every aspect of our facility maintenance needs, low voltage installations, and minor construction projects. Hallmark, my team, and I know we can rely on Royal Services as a vendor who will meet and exceed the standards and expectations set forth and that they are a company that has established a record of trust, loyalty, and efficiency.

Scott Hess – Hallmark Portfolio and Development Manager, North America


Running into problems with your locks after normal business operation hours can present a number of problems. In addition to store merchandise and owned assets being vulnerable, you can face costly emergency repairs, significant delays and, most of all, wasted time. At Royal Services, we don’t close just because your workday is done. Rather, we provide you with continuous, all-day, all-night service—from a single, easy-to-use online tool. The RAZOR interactive facility management software gives you complete control and visibility into your lock maintenance repairs, history and data. You can effectively request, schedule and track maintenance services while monitoring expenditures and service requests from a nationwide network of vendors insured and vetted to our standards. 
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This enhanced visibility and control doesn’t just give you more oversight and assurance—it helps to increase your business performance, too. By reducing the risk for breaks and malfunctions, you can reduce downtime and focus on your customers’ experience.