hub construction site.jpegTime often gets the better of us, and we find ourselves trapped in a system that becomes increasingly hard to escape from. Just because your FM company worked 5 years ago, doesn't mean that they will work now that your portfolio has doubled in size. They may have gone through ownership changes which have led to reduced quality of service that you receive.
The company's philosophy might have changed and they are now only focusing on the monster corporations and see you as small fry with your measly 250 stores. Your facility maintenance management department might have shrunk leaving you short-handed and unable to cope with the current call volume. You might not have a scheduled maintenance plan in place.

Whatever your situation, we would love to determine what solutions we have available to help improve the efficiency of your current operations, as well as help you to get your evenings and weekends back and improve the stores for which you are responsible. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!  

Are you valued?

Do you receive the service that you need and deserve?

If you feel that you are just a revenue generating number in the system and can never seem to connect with anyone who can help you, maybe it's time for a change... 

At Royal we pride ourselves on:

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