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Although it might not seem like it, general repairs – even small ones – can snowball quickly. Royal Services gives you reliable, proactive facility repair services to help you keep routine maintenance in check and your business running glitch-free.

Complete facility maintenance services

retail facility problem solversWhile routine maintenance and the repairs at a single location might seem like a small annoyance, those obstacles and costs can quickly pile up. And before you know it, you’re knee-deep in multiple facilities management chores—or worse, one of those “small” repairs turns into a larger, more lingering issue with sky-high costs. This doesn’t just cut into your overall budget—it can significantly impact site operations and that location’s customer experience. 

At Royal Services, we help you better manage the “bigger picture” and prevent you from facing out-of-control costs. From handyman services for smaller, on-demand tasks to larger carpet repairs and installation to store fixture installation, we help assess your repair needs and accurately determine a warranty claim, repair task or schedule an asset for maintenance. We also understand that you can’t expect a manager or employee at one site to wait on repairs due to repair needs at another. That’s why we simultaneously manage all your service calls at once, helping you maximize your repair dollars and your valuable time at multiple locations. 

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RAZOR makes it easy for you to know what is going on at your facilities by giving you real-time visibility and transparency from anywhere you have online access.”

Nate Shyver
Director – IT and Finance
Royal Services


When you’re managing multiple locations across the country, all with their own unique facility needs and repairs, you can’t afford to waste time organizing status information, repair history or other crucial pieces of information. That’s why, at Royal Services, we’ve designed an easy-to-use, all-inclusive service for cutting through the noise and better managing your facility repairs. The RAZOR interactive facility management software, our online tool available 24/7 for keeping track of your equipment, service calls, expenses and scheduled maintenance, helps reveal repeated repair issues while proactively addressing new ones. What’s best, you’ll be able to access your budget specifications and open service calls, giving you more control of your assets, expenditures, historical data and maintenance progress. This puts you in total control of your project’s outcome and success.