Gate Repair Services

Nothing says your store is open – or closed – like an open or closed gate. Royal Services provides scheduled gate repair services to help ensure your gates are open during normal business hours and your site is secure after hours.

Keeping your premises fully secured.  

Properly operating gates and key switches help maintain your store’s overall security. Whether it’s malfunctioning controls to open the gate or physical damage to the gate in general, when your barriers aren’t functioning like they should be you’re opening yourself up to headaches. A gate that is stuck closed means that site loses revenue opportunity. Or, if it is stuck open or can’t be properly secured, it can leave the site open to theft, vandalism or trespassing. 

modern bright shopping mall indoor architecture.jpegAt Royal Services, we’re here to help with your gate, gate opener repair and security gate repair needs. Whether you operate a shopping mall, retail store or other stand alone facility, we offer timely repair and installation services for overhead and sliding security gates. We understand how important gate security is to your business. That’s why we make ourselves available to you at anytime, regardless of the size or scope of your security-related need.

Gate repair and installation services: 

  • Operator Repairs & Replacement
  • Curtain Repairs & Replacement
  • Key Switch Repairs & Replacement


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Gate Opener Repair

Light green outdoor sign, slightly crooked, on black chain-link fence by dark red steel wall AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.jpegWhen you experience damage or theft from a malfunctioning gate, you feel the ripple effect throughout your business. On top of your employees and premises feeling less secure, you can potentially affect your expense budget and use valuable time and resources fixing what should be unnecessary repairs. At Royal Services, we work hard to keep your gate services secure—so you don’t have to. And with our online RAZOR interactive facility management software you can review and order repairs quickly, efficiently and with complete control.

With RAZOR, you can quickly and seamlessly request, schedule and track your gate repair services while managing your projects from top to bottom. We provide you with the tools to screen expenditures and service requests from a national network of experienced vendors. This added oversight and control doesn’t just give you more say – and transparency – into your operation, it gives you data for measuring and potentially increasing business performance. 

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