Service that solves.

No matter what kind of size, budget or special detail the job calls for, Royal Services will have an answer. We work to provide consistency, accuracy and attention to detail that helps each of your sites thrive.

integrated facility services

Our project managers oversee each and every project, troubleshooting issues and coordinating crews around the clock. We source, evaluate and manage providers to satisfy the strategies we work with you to develop. Our integrated facility management approach ensures quality, reduces maintenance interruptions and maximizes your investment in facilities. 

No matter what size, scope or application the project calls for, we have a service - and solution - to meet your needs. 

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Let us solve your facilities challenges.

No matter where your facilities are located in the United States, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, Royal Services has the experience, capabilities and workforce to meet your facilities challenges head on. Delivering quality, efficiency and accountability is part of the legacy we’ve built for over twenty five years: All of this while providing our customers with a single point-of-contact that helps effectively manage site specifications down to the tiniest detail.  

At our core, we’re so much more than a typical facility management services company. Royal Services is committed to your complete satisfaction with facilities management, maintenance and construction solutions, designed to work directly for you.

The result? Tangible value that’s hard to match

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