At Royal Services, we help give your organization the added edge it needs to stay competitive. Whether it’s searching for new, innovative ways of saving you time and money, helping you maintain the integrity of your brand, or providing you with hands-on service 24/7, we hold ourselves fully accountable and are committed to enhancing the performance of your integrated facilities solutions from concept to completion.

Royal Services FMS Success


(1) We've got your back

We view all of our customers as partners, and work tirelessly to achieve common goals with each of them. We are an extension of your workplace and will go to bat for you when it comes to getting the best value for your project, without sacrificing quality or timeliness.  

(2) We respond quickly. And Efficiently.

Aerial View of Young Business Friends Discussing the Project at the Worktable..jpegWhether you are planning custom roll-out projects or need immediate help with an unexpected issue, you need a partner who can respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Our incredible team of skilled project managers, a 24/7/365 call center, RAZOR facility management software, and powerful communication tools allow us to achieve all of these requirements. 

(3) We provide the best value

Educational and Creative composition with the message Stop Wasting Money on the blackboard.jpegWe focus on developing long term relationships, and in order for this to happen we need our partners to be successful, and to completely trust us. We have several channels where we can save our partners substantial amounts of money. Value Add components including "no charge", "trip cancellation", and "warrantied work" save our customers approximately 12.5% each year. Also, the establishment of a scheduled maintenance program will over time save you money by increasing in the lifespan of your assets, as well as reducing your on-demand service calls.
(4) We're excellent communicators

Our call center runs 24/7/365 and allows us to keep your business running effectively, regardless of the issue or time of day. Our scheduled maintenance services can help prevent and minimize any loss of productivity, profitability and ultimately reputation for your business. We use a variety of tools to ensure you have the information that you need available at your fingertips. 

(5) We're always there for you

You are involved with the management of retail facilities maintenance services.Your job is to create a store where sales can be maximized and customers have an incredible retail experience. With Royal as your partner, we will work towards this goal together. We consider ourselves an extension of your office and are always there, especially when you need us the most. A dedicated team of skilled project managers will be there when nobody else wants to be, ensuring minimal disruption to your facility, staff, and most importantly, your customers.   

Businesswoman with financial symbols coming from her hand.jpeg(6) RAZOR - facility management platform

View project trends, monitor expenditures, track progress, schedule service calls, create reports and manage your maintenance with our proprietary Royal RAZOR Management Software. RAZOR makes it easy for you to know what is going on at your facilities by giving you near real-time visibility and transparency from anywhere you have online access. Having everything in one place within this integrated facility management system, allows us to streamline your business so that you save time and money, and can focus on more important matters.  

Whether you are working with a nationwide fixture installation rollout project, or the remodeling of a single store, we always stand by our motto of providing Service that Solves. The project management experience that we provide is guaranteed to allow you to take your facilities to the next level, without you having to spend 90 hours at work each week! Contact us today and Expect the Exceptional with your next project.  

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