The Royal Advantage

Royal Services offers a track record of success managing multiple locations, contractors and projects. Our honesty, commitment and integrity will win your trust.

Minimizing facilities maintenance and repair costs


At Royal we treat your business as if it is ours. We continuously look for the most effective and efficient way of managing your facilities. A little time spent managing the problem in it's infancy can save money and time in the long run. The typical methodology used in facility maintenance involves putting out fires that are currently causing problems. At Royal, we look at the bigger picture and remove the fuel that initially caused the fire to minimize future downstream problems. This strategy, combined with the best in class scheduled maintenance programs allow us to extend the lifetime of your assets, keep your stores up and running, and reduce your spend on corrective maintenance repairs. 

Our reputation for minimizing facilities maintenance and repair costs started back in 1993. Through the implementation of structured scheduled services we are able to extend the lifetime of your units, as well as ensure they are running efficiently and have minimal chance of downtime. 

  • Call avoidance - trouble shooting over the phone by our expert PMs to determine if a service call truly is needed
  • Bundled services - do our best to complete as many jobs as possible in one visit to save you money avoid disruption to your stores
  • Warrantied work - all work history is stored in RAZOR and we track warrantied items on your behalf

Give us a call today so that we can chat a little more about how our unique approach to retail facility management can be customized to meet your brand's needs. 

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