Close up of hand repairing pipes with wrench-1.jpegSince 1993, the team at Royal Services have worked dilligently to establish themselves as one of the best national retail facility maintenance companies, as well as being a government contractor and national rollout company. Always providing the highest quality of service leads to continued growth, which means that we are always on the look out for exceptional vendors with whom we can partner. If you, or your firm are interested in conducting business with Royal Services, the retail industry's most trusted facility maintenance company, please submit the adjacent vendor application to our director of vendor management. 

Vendors should email or call us to make changes to their record and provide updated COI forms. If we are not contacted when you make changes, (address, email, phone etc.), we may not be able to contact you. Therefore it is important to keep your information current. Only those vendors who can provide the very best retail facility maintenance services should apply. Since 1993 we have been providing integrated facility solutions to national retailers as an extension of their maintenace and construction teams. We have the trade knowledge and management expertise within our office, but rely on our network of partners to deliver exceptional service and problem solving solutions to our customers. 

Our vendors go trhough a rigorous vetting process to ensure only the very best tradespeople represent us in the field. Our clients have immaculately maintained stores, and it is our responsibility to maintain and enhance this appearance. Brick and mortar retail continues to be cut-throat, and in such a competetive environment, many retailers have consolidated their portfolios. They have paired this with a powerful online marketing strategy, and now rely on their physical properties to be the place where their customers fall in love with their brand. Today, there are many more destination or experience retailers who rely on the in-store experience being perfect for their customers. They require something unique to attract and entertain, and with this comes the need for immaculately maintained retail environments.

Apple, for example, have been trailblazers in the experience retail realm. Anytime you pass one of their stores, a quick glance inside will more than likely find the store packed with Apple junkies who are continuing to develop their love of the brand. These people visit their favorite stores to try out the latest releases, speak with the associates who are their trusted friends, and mingle with other people who are similarly inclined. The industry continues to change, and we expect this omnichannel approach to be something that more and more retailers latch onto over the coming years. 

If you have any questions regarding this application process please reach out to our Vendor Management team HERE.

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