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Retail Facilities Maintenance Professionals

Our incredible team at Royal Services boasts the following qualifications, with many more in process and anticipated over the coming months.


BiCSi_RCDD.jpg     affiliation_DMCE-crestron-royal-services.png    credential-cert-green-associate-royal-services.png

Organizations/ Certificates

OEM/ Certs


  • Multiple GC licenses 

Formal Degrees

  • BA Sound Contracting
  • Associates Degree in Electronics
  • MBA 
  • BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • MBA Management/ Finance
  • BA Accounting, Business Administration & Information Systems
  • MAIS
  • US Air Force CC Associates in Communication
  • BA Management and Marketing 
  • Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning Degree

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LEED, (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), is changing the way we think about how buildings & communities are planned, constructed & operated

Undercarpet Power

With CommScope solutions, all your power, voice and data networks can be routed virtually anywhere under the carpet without the usual restrictions.

Digital Media Certified

With our family of simple DM solutions, all you have to do is connect your laptop or tablet and your content automatically appears on the room display.


A professional association supporting the advancement of the information & communications technology.

Whether its support with your integrated facility solutions or you are searching for a national rollout company,
we have got you covered!