Store Remodels

From concept to completion, Royal Services works hard to make sure all of your facility construction projects are accurate, unified and cohesive with your overall brand and image.

Retail Store Remodels

Hallmark Store remodel: Jordan Creek Town Center, Des Moines, IA.

“Hallmark Retail has partnered with Royal Services for over 20 years. A relationship that started with Royal providing HVAC preventative maintenance to the network of corporate Solutions to facility maintenance problems experienced by national retailersowned Hallmark Gold Crown stores, to a full-service provider that covers every aspect of our facility maintenance needs, low voltage installations, and minor construction projects. Hallmark, my team, and I know we can rely on Royal Services as a vendor who will meet and exceed the standards and expectations set forth and that they are a company that has established a record of trust, loyalty, and efficiency.”

-Scott Hess, Portfolio and Development Manager, Hallmark, North America    

We are proud to have worked with Hallmark for all of these years and take great pride in being their partner. Over the years we have completed multiple projects together including: 

1. Store fixture installation and repairs

2. Carpet and paint refresh programs

3. Total facility maintenance 

4. Cabling rollout projects

5. Networking rollout projects

6. Retail store remodels


At Royal, there are numerous benefits that we bring to the table due to our construction experitse and experience working in this realm. 

(1) Consistency and brand strength - ensuring all of your locations look the same

(3) We understand the deliverables and expectations

(4) One point of contact with one person overseeing the entire project. Multiple people willl obviously be involved behind the scenes, but as far as yuor communication with us goes, you will just have 1 person to work with. 

(5) Don’t have to reinvent the wheel

(6) Multiple trades on staff provide us with technical expertise in all areas from HVAC and plumbing, to structured cabling and security. 

(7) We hold multiple GC licenses from across the country

(8) National reach – we work in Puerto Rico, Canada, USVI and all 50 US states. We can replicate our work throughout your protfolio.

(9) Tried and tested crews who we can rely on to get the job done to the required standard. This isn't just a one off for them. 

(10) Technology – multiple tools are available for us to communicate with our colleagues in the field. Instant feedback, tablets provided to our field staff for reporting purposes. Live photos uploaded. Problems mitigated before they truly develop. Cameras in the field so that we can monitor work, provide feedback, and create training tools. 

(11) Quality assurance - Remote project managers throughout the US who can be at any site within a short timeframe. 

(12) Project management expertise and experience 

(14) Burden passed over to us

(15) We take full accountability for the project so that you don’t have to and you can focus on what you do best, which most definitely isn’t construction project management

(16) Manage Project, Client, & Landlord Expectations / Communications / Timelines

(17) Turnkey solutions - Manage Project Schedules / Staging / Sourcing. We streamline all processes to make each project run as smoothly, and as efficiently as possible, preventing unnecessary disruptions to your stores and your employees.  

(18) Team Approach / Partnership Approach - our team works as an extension of your team. We share common goals and work together to ensure that the final product is exactly how you expect it to be. This requires great communication, trust, and transparency. 

(19) Sense of urgency / accountability / vested interest – every project is a priority.  Not just another job.

(20) Experience Data - detail the number of locations completed over the various years. need to collect this from Nate. 4500+ sites completed since our conception in 1993. 

(21) Back Office Expertise - Capable of Handling Project Paperwork and Invoicing Tasks. a huge time saver and yet another burden that we take off of your plate. You just have to pay us. We are the ones charged with communicating with all vendors, suppliers, jurisdictions, architects etc. who are involved in the project. 

(22) Project Close-Out Documentation & Protocol --- Royal is able to handle same. Punch list is completed at the end of each project to ensure that your deliverables and expectations have been met. 

(23) Bonded & Insured - Obviously a crucial piece of any construction project but this is often overlooked by other contractors. 

(24) Experience Working With Landlord Representatives - Again, the only person that you need to communicate with is your assigned project manager. We take full responsibility for handling all aspects involving landlords, government officials, jurisdiction administrators etc. We also work with the logistics companies to ensure supplies are delivered at the right place, on time, and in a way that doesn't interrupt your associates and customers. 

(25) Experience Working With Other Property Management Organizations (JLL, CBRE, Colliers, and EMG) - We are known for the speed at which we work, and the minimal time that we are on site. We focus on white box/ tenant finish projects and excel where complex problems exist. Due to our ability to provide integrated solutions and our experience as a national rollout company, we are able to take care of all trades, yet again providing you with just one point of contact.