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Royal Services offers a track record of success managing multiple locations, contractors and projects. Our honesty, commitment and integrity will win your trust.



Services provided include: 

  1. Scheduled HVAC maintenance
  2. Emergency Service Calls
  3. Locksmith services
  4. Security services
  5. Lighting fixture upgrades
  6. Damaged flooring repairs and replacement
  7. Under carpet power and data supply
  8. Retail facility maintenance

“Never once has another facilities maintenance company even come close to the kind of service Royal provides. From their office team’s immediate response time on service orders, to their field techs getting the issues resolved as quickly as possible, their service and support is pretty much untouchable”. (Rachelle Joslin, Facilities Manager, Soft Surroundings)

Royal Services FMS Success


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"When it comes to growing our business, the easiest, most successful and cheapest way to do it is through word of mouth and referrals. At Royal we don't spend any money on paid ads, TV ads, or Facebook marketing strategies. We let our work do the talking for us and it works incredibly well. We have been with one of our partners ever since 1993 when Royal Services was created. This relationship demonstrates what truly matters to our team and where our foucs is on a daily basis. The highest quality work, the very best service and exceptional communication mean our partners never need or want to look anywhere else". 

Jamie Leeper
Business Development Manager

In a world where companies are always talking about about price whether it be saving you money, being cheaper than someone else, or helping you to stop throwing your money down have a question? Royal Services would love to chat CTAthe drain, there is still a problem that exists. So much of the focus on service in this day and age is on pricing, and often the quality of the experience or interaction is overlooked. At Royal we provide our clients with only the very best service and take great pride in providing the very best workmanship and service, as well as providing our partners with "value add savings". With Royal this category consists of three groups namely warranty calls, call avoidance, and no charge calls. On average these items save our clients approximately 12.5% on an annual basis. RAZOR is used to track these items so that we can present our partners with something tangible. These value add savings increase overtime as we start to understand your business and expectations in more detail, as well as using valuable data that is collected over time. Many retail facility maintenance companies work purely on volume and seek to get as many people as possible on their platform so that they can lock in all of the recurring subscription fees that are required for each store on a monthly basis. The cost is low, and guess what, the service received is poor. Shock, right? Not really. You always get what you pay for, so as an organization you need to decide what matters to you. If you are ok with average looking retail space 

Another option is to invest thousands of dollars in a robust CMMS, and then hire multiple employees to help manage your network of vendors. At Royal, you essentailly outsource your facility maintenance department to us and we act as an extension of your team.