Structured Cabling Solutions - LAN/WAN

Staying online and integrating store systems provide better visibility into business performance—and the ability to make smarter decisions. Let Royal Services provide you with LAN/WAN maintenance services to help keep your company online.

Structured Cabling Solutions to keep your business online. 

Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) are crucial for keeping your company connected. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, securely exchanging company data or simply performing day-to-day tasks, you rely on a fast, glitch-free network connections to keep your company functioning at top speed.

Network systems help integrate your geographically dispersed business, ultimately helping to give your business the visibility it needs to find ways to increase business performance and make smarter decisions. And network connections add to the customer experience, too. When your patrons can connect to the Internet through WiFi, they could be more inclined to stay and contribute to your business. 

At Royal Services, we provide LAN/WAN equipment maintenance services for a wide variety of clients. Whether it’s for a single site or all of your locations, we collaborate with you to find a LAN/WAN solution that best fits your company’s unique connection needs. 

LAN/WAN equipment maintenance services:

  • Routers, Switches and Modems
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Surveys, Installation, Break/Fix

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Tim Shyver
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Helping to ensure your business performs at full-speed.

To maintain efficiency in your store, you need your business – and network – performing at full speed. However, when you’re bogged down by constant maintenance tasks and chores, whether it’s related to your LAN/WAN connection or not, it can be easy to get behind. 

At Royal Services, we’ve engineered a solution to help you simultaneously manage multiple tasks and track your expenditures top to bottom. Our RAZOR interactive facility management software is an innovative, easy-to-use online tool for tracking projects, purchases and repairs. This accessibility and ease saves time, and optimizes resources. Contact us today to discuss how our structured cabling solutions can help get your facilities back on track.