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Royal Services offer turnkey solutions for your national rollout projects from procurement, logistics & installation,to ongoing maintenance and support. Our four departments unite to provide you with support before, during and after the project.


Deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial organizations. Utilizing our proven systems and RAZOR, our proprietary CMMS, we provide, manage and support a national field force of local onsite technicians to deploy a multitude of networking technologies, including customer experience zones and lifestyle zones, on a nationwide scale. 

Store-within-a-store (SWAS) 

Store-within-a store”, also called “shop-in-shops”, “in-store concepts” and “concessions” are effective strategies not just for department stores, but also for big-box retailers and some specialty retail stores. Whatever you call the concept, it is basically defined as a carved out space within a host retailer that is dedicated to a specific consumer brand.

Branding Projects

Also known as "cosmetic upgrades", "minor remodels", "refresh projects" and "renovations". These are crucial for multi-site companies looking for branding consistency across their portfolio of properties. Can include projects involving fixture installation, carpet and paint, and digital signage

                      OEM Fixture Installations

Specializing in nationwide retail fixture installation and reset projects
, from single units to large scale nationwide roll-outs. Working with global OEMs to roll out their products across a huge geographic area within a short period of time. These high velocity projects can include completing over 1000 stores within less than a 4 week timeframe.

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Package Locker Rollouts

Turnkey solutions including surveys, logistics, installation and ongoing break/fix support of Digital Parcel Locker Systems designed to automate package delivery and pickup. Installation of electrical and concrete pad if necessary for locker systems that use wireless technology to secure and track package deliveries at luxury apartments, townhouses, multi-family buildings and commercial buildings. We have completed numerous projects in this realm and as digital locker installation experts, we are ready to help you with your next deployment.

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