Safety First

Safety isn't just a slogan, it's a way of life at Royal Services. Precautions on the front-end, significantly reduce the number of safety issues to handle on the back-end.

Workplace safety is our number 1 priority

 Royal Services Safety Policy Statement
Our Company’s safety program is designed to be in compliance with Federal OSHA rules and regulations. All employees, regardless of their jobs or position, must have knowledge of safety policies and requirements as set forth in our Safety Handbook. Employees of subcontractors must also comply with our safety standards.
When all employees view the importance of preventing accidents with the same diligence as performing their job tasks, each of us shall realize a healthier working environment. We believe that ALL accidents are preventable whether it’s an employee injury or vehicle collision. To achieve this requires sound policies, exceptional communication, collaboration and accountability. 
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We cannot stress the importance of pre-planning each job task. Each job task usually has an inherent set of hazards which should be anticipated before undertaking such task. Without considering these hazards, accident prevention is less likely once the job task commences.
Workplace safety is our number 1 priority as we strive for for a safe, accident free environment for all persons. We can achieve this goal through a cooperative spirit at all levels of our Company. We encourage all employees to suggest new methods by which ROYAL can improve its safety program.
Our goal is to build a safety record unsurpassed by other companies. Together, we have made significant progress in achieving this goal. It has taken a conscientious effort and ROYAL commends each employee’s commitment to safety.

"The provisions of our safety handbook are 
intended to supplement, but not replace, the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 and any regulations issued there under".
-Bradley Shyver, CEO
Royal Services 

Safety is a core value and an integral part of our culture at Royal Services. We are committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible. We develop an organized and effective safety program for every phase of each project that we perform. We evaluate and reevaluate risks inherent in every activity performed every day, down to the level of every crew. We recognize the achievements, not only of those who directly supervise projects with outstanding safety records, but of all employees at all levels who are in any way responsible for safety, their own or the person working next to them. We train and retrain. Providing a safe work environment is every employee’s responsibility, every subcontractor’s responsibility and Royal’s first priority. Adherence to safety policies is a condition of employment.

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